I have a weird problem with my cohesion3d board

Hello everyone my name is Sjaak
I have a weird problem with my cohesion3d board.
have made an extra push button to perform a reset, but if I want to execute a gcode file on the sd card the machine starts but immediately jumps to reset.
The same also happens if I only have one wire on the left pin header, see photo.
Who knows a solution for this, thanks

Hi Sjaak,

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding your board resetting.

Please provide clear pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring so that we can see where and how everything is connected.

Hi Sjaak, are you sure that you are using a NO button instead of a NC button? What happens if you push the button continuesly (maybe some tape or put something heavy on top), does it function properly then?

Hello Stare and Steven
Sorry I was away from home two days ago
It’s curious if I only put a single wire to the pin holder, reset the Smoothieboard when I want to run a gcode file.
Steven it is a No button even if I connect it I get a reset.
Thank you for trying to help me.

Hi Sjaak,

We need a bit more information.

Can you explain the steps, in detail, which you are taking when the reset occurs? At what point in the steps does it happen?

Hello Starla
Because I have a bad connection with the usb cable, I put the gcode file on the sd card and start the command from there.
But in order not to always have to restart by disconnecting the power and connecting the power, I installed a No button to reset.
But when the machine starts it goes to the start point and stops immediately and resets the board, when I do the wires from the pins it goes fine, even if I only have one wire on one of the two pins the board goes reset during machine start-up.
Even if I touch the pin with a wire, the board resets.

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