I have a brightstar 40 watt would love to upgrade to Cohesion

Wanting make sure that cohesion is compatable with my cutter before ordering. It doesn’t seem to look like the same board config as the K40s. How will I know if it will work?

Fundamentally, we care about driving 2 motors, reading some switches, and telling the Laser PSU to turn on the laser.

For the motors, it looks like you have external motor drivers - the 2 black boxes on the right.

For the LSPU, you have one - it looks to be the large item on the bottom right.

As for everything else, that’s all I can tell you from those pictures.

Please provide many pictures of much higher quality of all the different things. It will also be good if yo do some investigative work to identify the different things inside your machine.

Thanks Ray,
Sorry for the slow time to add more pictures. Laser works fine so I have been doing a lot of cutting but find using the software a big drag, Very limited.
Here is some more info about my Brightstar. 40 Watt

leadshine microstep
CL-a-350-36 power supply
ft127-10 emi filter
p68-lv patchboard

Here are some more pic of the inside.

Ok, those pics don’t tell me anything more.

Recommend you do some investigative work on your end to see how those things all work and are hooked up.

Again: all we care about driving 2 motors, reading some switches, and telling the Laser PSU to turn on the laser.

Thanks, I realize the problem. I spent some time on you tube and forums and found out that the laser is actually controlled by the computer and not a controller board. Hence no board in the laser. I just ordered a AWE 708c and was going to purchase a copy of Lightburn off you when I get it all connected and up and running.
Sorry for the confusion.

I just found this forum. I just bought a never used JCUT 3050 and the motors are not working. The power comes on, but I can’t get anything else to work. Hit me up at motionblur at gmail.com I’d love to pick your brain about this laser. It looks like we have the same internal guts.