I am trying to install a z-axis table But I am electronically challenged!

Machine: K40

Board: CD3 Laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I am electronically retarded! I purchased the cd3 to replace the m2 that came with the machine. I also installed Light Burn. Then I tried to install the z-table I bought on ebay. I was completely lost. There were no directions with the table and none could be found on the internet. I sent a text to the person I bought it from, explaining my lack of knowledge. That produced no help at all!! He sent me a link to a place to get the schematics and told me to pick a number that wasn’t on the link . and there none that was match for what I had I said all of that to ask a kind sole to help the elderly :-}It would be a lot easier to explain if I sent the picture. To sum it up though: I don’t know what the wires are that come out of the motor or where on the board to put them. I know where the z Pins are but that is about it…

Yes I have pictures but I am not sure how to send them

Hi Chuck,

Welcome to the forum! To upload photos, use the up arrow icon in the toolbar above the text field where you type when creating a post. Locate the image(s) on your computer and select to upload.


If you are on mobile, the button is in the lower right. Then you would choose “Photo Library” or “Take Photo”.

A link to the table you bought would also be helpful, along with the pictures, so we can look at the specs.

We have a general guide for Setting Up the Z-Table that you can start with. If you need help with the configuration file, you can post it here and I’ll be happy to assist.

Use Sublime Text as your Text Editor. With the power off, remove the SD Card and access it on your computer. Rename and backup your current good config file on your computer. Copy and paste the contents here in a reply with 3 backticks ``` above and below the content or paste the contents to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Pastebin and provide the link here.


Copy this and paste the config file contents here

The link where I bought is: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-table-bed-kit-for-K40-small-laser-machine/124258844292

I plan on changing the wires we used to extend the ones from the motor! The diagram on the motor is probably standard nomenclature. But I have never seen it. What wasn’t chinese all looked greek to me. I can’t wait to get everything setup and operational!!! I am an Addiction Counselor expanding my horizons so I will probably need help. Thank you so much for your quick response and help!!

Thanks for the additional information, Chuck.

This is a LightObject table, so the instructions in the Z-table guide should have you covered. Identify the coil pairs of the motor. Plug them in. Try commanding the motor to turn. If it buzzes and doesn’t move, flip a pair.


One thing to note on the configuration file, which is also called out in that article - you will probably need to remove the decimal from the gamma steps per mm value for it to move properly. Just make sure you decrease the speed in LightBurn on the Move tab to 1, before attempting to move it with the controls, to make sure it doesn’t move too fast.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank You!!! I am out of town until Thursday but that will be the first I do when I get back!!!

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