I am about to add a TLC Rotary and have questions

Machine: K40 Mini - Preenex M2 Nano

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: Smoothie

I am about to add this TLC Rotary: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293645976742

to my K40 Mini with the above configuration. At first I was thinking I would need a switch or to plug and unplug the Y to connect the rotary but it looks like that won’t be necessary due to laserboard having its own separate connection “A”, for a rotary attachment, am I correct in this assumption?

If so, what is the behavior of “Y” when rotary is enabled in Lightburn, is it temporarily disabled?
And what about homing functions, will I still need to manually press the homing switch on the K40’s “Y” axis to fool it into thinking its homed before the rotary will stop spinning… I have seen this behavior in videos where people are swapping with the rotary cable.

Lastly, I am not sure yet weather or not I will need to use an external stepper motor driver with this setup, still digging for information on this.

Any feedback is appreciated!

The machine will still home Y as normal when the rotary is connected. You do connect it to the A axis, and LightBurn will do the right thing when you enable the rotary in your project. It will generate gcodes to send what would be Y movements to A instead.

I looked at the item listing and it looks like it has a common 17HS4401 motor which can be driven from the laserboard quite easily, so there should be no need to use an external stepper driver with this unit.

Thank you @ for having a look at the motor and your help. I am still unclear if I will need to manually tap the limit switch in the K40 when I start the board to stop it from spinning?

Nope. The machine will home normally. the A axis is floating with no limit switches and doesn’t home, so you’re fine there.

Outstanding, Thank you!

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