HY-T50 upgrade and air assist (which mosfet or relay)

Machine: self build 50w
Board: Laserboard
Firmware: GRBL-LPC

Problem/ Question:
Recently swapped out lpsu for a Hy-t50 and have been browsing the c3d forum for wiring diagrams for the new psu but cant seem to find the info i am after about the wiring. Found an image from the maker forums regarding the hyt50 , could anyone please clarify that it is either right or wrong way to wire the laserboard to the hyt50 psu.see attached image

Also could anybody recommend which external mosfet module or 5v module to purchase for air assist as i cannot get hold of the IoT Power Relay due to the current global epidemic and im from the uk and cant find any uk stockists .thanks

Hi Mark,

The IoT Relay is for 110v only, so that would probably not work for you anyways.

What type of device are you trying to control for air anyways?

As for LPSU wiring, @raster Pete has been working on some new documentation for this, and I’m sure he will prod me tomorrow to finalize and publish it.

Hi Ray thanks for the response

It’s just a regular Hailea AC Piston Air Compressor Pump that I want to automatically switch on and off with lightburn. I’ve purchased a
SSR-40DA Solid State Relay 40A DC to AC
Input voltage: 3-32V DC Output voltage: 24-380V AC

Would this be adequate and would I require any other components to get the air assist automated.
I am looking forward to @raster petes diagram as I’m not sure where to start with all the wiring to the new supply. Thanks

Hi Mark, we’ve got the LPSU connection guide up now. Take a look at it and see if it helps with your wiring.

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Thanks @raster Pete that’s brilliant I’ll take a look now👍

The SSR will probably work in this application. Make sure you have a good heat sink on that thing - they get hot pretty quick.

Thanks for the reply.
So do I wire the laserboard 5v air assist pins to the input of the ssr and then wire the pump power cable live and neutral to the output side of the ssr.
Sorry for all the questions, just don’t want damage the laserboard and with living in the uk it’s a bit of a pain and expense getting a new one :cry:

Sorry, got the ssr today its got a heatsink on that’s the size of house brick lol

Connect the laserboard GND on the air assist terminal to terminal 4 on the SSR.
Connect the laserboard Vin+ on the air assist terminal to terminal 3 on the SSR.

Break the live lead in the pump power cable and attach the supply side (with the plug on it) to terminal 1 on the SSR, and attach the pump side to terminal 2. This basically acts as a power switch controlled by the presence of positive voltage on terminals 3 & 4. Neutral and ground on your power cable should remain intact.


Thanks @loather that helps a lot, good job I didn’t wire it up the way I said :+1:

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