HY-T50 and POT

Machine: Cinese K40 3020

Board: Cohesion laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Problem with laser control cennections on HY-T50

Hi everyone.

I have to wire a new PSU (HY-T50) to the Cohesion3D LaserBoard card and from the seller’s site there are two possible types of connections: “High-level light control” and “Low-level light control”.

The first (High-level light control) uses a potentiometer to vary the connection to “IN” from 0 to 5v
The second one (if I understand correctly) assigns to the software (I use Lightburn) the power management (PWM?).

Reading other posts on this forum, I realized that the best solution is to set a maximum value (15mA for example) with the potentiometer and then manage the power in Lightburn that in any case will never exceed 15mA even if set to 100%: in practice a middle way between the two possible connections.

My problem is that the HY-T50 does not have an “L” output but controls the laser with the “TH” or TL outputs depending on the configuration.

You could confirm to me that the correct connection is the second one and that I have to connect the Gnd and the “TH” output of the PSU to the Choesion board.

Thank you

The thing that we call “L” is “Laser Fire” on the C3D Board and “TL” on the Laser PSU.

Read this first then let me know what you still need clarification on:

I know the meaning of “L”, but the problem is that on the new PSU there are two outputs that control the laser: TH and TL, and with the POT the diagram says to connect TH.
From the email you have attached, however, the links are different because I should use TL even if I use a POT: I will try this way

Thanks for your help

I don’t want to be boring, but I don’t even want to ruin the Cohesion card or the new PSU.
Could you please confirm the correctness of the wiring below?

Do i have also to connect the GND on the PSU with the GND of the Cohesion power brick?

thanks a lot

Yes, you would hook up TL to Laser Fire and Ground to Laser Gnd in the screw terminal on the LaserBoard.

Yes, a pot would get hooked up to G, IN, and 5v on the LPSU.


Everything works perfectly!
Thanks so much for your support


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