HPC LS3020 compatible?

Hi, I have a fairly old LS3020 engraver which uses NewlyDraw1 software with Windows XP. I have contacted the manufacturer and they say that it would not be possible to upgrade the controller so that I could use other software and a new control board.
My question is, would the cohesion Laser board work with my machine, and which components would I require?
I enclose photos of my existing board and power supply (although not much of the power supply) in case these help.
Thank you

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Hi Alun, to answer your question, the LaserBoard should work in your laser.

From what I can find on the HPC LS3020 it looks somewhat similar to the Full Spectrum MLE-40 4th Gen, which we’ve converted a few of, though the two machines do have different control boards.

Are you starting with a functional machine? You mentioned it is fairly old, so do you know if the tube is still good, or if there are any issues with it?

In your first photo we can see on the right side a Y motor cable and a ribbon cable. The ribbon cable should connect the X motor and the endstops. Those both plug directly into the LaserBoard as-is.

Now for the other connections. Since the LPSU looks like the same used in the FSL MLE-40 I’m going to make some guesses, but would like you to confirm. (It’s hard to see where all the wires go, and I can’t read all the labels.)

Second photo, 4 wire connector on the bottom (or right side if rotated left):

  • Red - 24V
  • Yellow - GND
  • Blue - 5V
  • L - green

It appears to split off, with the following going to the top of the control board:

  • Blue - 5V
  • Yellow - GND
  • Red - 24V

And these two going to the right side of the control board (above the ribbon cable):

  • Green - L
  • Yellow - GND

If I’m right, it should be simple. We won’t even use the power connector for the board, as the LaserBoard has its own power supply, and we just need to move over the L and GND wires to control the laser.

Please trace all of those wires, and let us know if my suspicions are correct.

Thank you very much for the reply.
Yes the laser is functioning, I can engrave, and cut up to 5mm acrylic, not tried plywood yet, but it seems to be fine, it’s just a pain having to use NewlyDraw and Windows XP. I have an issue when cutting at speed in that it will not cut a perfect circle, but that is when I use the cut mode to engraver a single line circle or similar, I think that perhaps the bearing wheels may need adjustment or are worn.

I’ve traced all the wires and you are correct from what I can see, I’ve taken a few more photos and hope those confirm your suggestions.
The black and wires at the top of the board I fitted yesterday, they connect a digital read out of the potentiometers setting.
Thank you for your help.


Just found the original receipt, it’s from 2011, so not that old I guess

Alun, thanks for the photos. They pretty much show what I was expecting. Keep in mind that tubes degas over time, and an LPSU from that long ago might not be capable of PWM power control to a high (or any) level of detail.

As long as you keep these expectations in mind so that you are not disappointed, and have a tinkering and problem solving mindset to work through the upgrade, learning curve, and any challenges that come up, sounds like a we have a plan.

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Thanks Pete, not sure if I’ve got the knowledge and expertise to problem solve the electronics part of this, especially now that you think the power supply may not be up to the job !!!

Hi Pete, if I went ahead and purchased the Laserboard and the software, what other components, if any, would I require?
Also, would I be able to ask you for guidance should I get stuck?
What would be the cost of postage to the UK please?
Thanks for all your help so far.

Alun, we have a Buyers Guide that helps to explain everything:

The LaserBoard and LightBurn should be enough to get you going, though many people do like the camera and the GLCD. It all depends on what your goals are.

(As mentioned, hopefully your LPSU is up to the task of properly controlling the laser via PWM. If not, that may need replacing.)

That’s why we’re here. :slight_smile:

To determine shipping cost add the items you want to the cart and then start the checkout process. When you enter your shipping address it will show you what the shipping cost will be.

I hope this all helps. If you’ve got more questions, just ask!

Thanks Pete, which power supply would you recommend should I need to go down that road?

Alun, there’s not any specific LPSU we can recommend, but our LPSU Connection Guide might prove useful as far as general laser power supply information.

Make sure the LPSU can handle the wattage of your tube, obviously. If you’ve got a 40w tube, most K40 style LPSUs should work. Amazon has a number of options, as always, read the customer reviews.

If you find one and are still not sure, you can always post it here if you’d like to get a second opinion on it.

Thanks Pete, I’ll do some research

Hi Pete, found this on Ebay UK:

Would this be OK with C3D? PWM power OK?

The MYJG-40 is a popular model of the "K40 Style LPSU) and Cloudray is indeed a reputable seller.

Pete’s previous comments were intended to caution you about possible issue you may encounter when upgrading an older laser so that you could have appropriate expectations going into this. However, a sure fire way to make your life difficult is to try to do everything at once. You need to do one thing at a time - namely upgrade the board first, start using it, run tests, and then determine if either the laser tube or psu are not performing well enough to your liking. It’s important to start with a working laser before upgrading the board.

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