How to use an iMac with C3D boards and LightBurn

Machine: K40

Board: C3D Laser Board
Firmware: _Smoothie released late 2019

This may be something to move to facts

Problem: The 2007 iMac (El Capitan OS) and 2011 iMac (High Sierra OS) would not communicate with my Laser Board Via Light Burn.

Solution: The 2011 and below iMacs come with 2.0 USBs. You will have to use a Thunderbolt 2 USB dock to to upgrade the USBs to work.

Thanks, Sean. Good to have that note here on the forum!

I’ve got a 2008 Mac Pro (MacPro3,1) running El Capitan that is typically used with a Cohesion3D Mini that seems to work fine, and I’ve also used a 2012 MacBook Pro (MacBookPro9,2) with no issue. I do have a 2008 iMac at home I could also test one of these days…

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