How to set idle speed?

Machine: K40 with upgraded optics

Board: Cohesion3d from Spring 2019

Firmware: whatever Lightburn 0.9.02 would have installed for a new installation in March 2019

Problem/ Question: Laser head jumps too fast between cuts in vector (Line) mode, causing distortions at the beginnings and ends of cuts. Machine also returns home at frighteningly fast speed after program completion. I have already reduced all the speed and acceleration setting showing in Device Settings/Additional Settings (see pic) but they don’t seem to have any impact. I have also played with Fast Whitespace Scan setting under Basic settings. This does have an effect, but only in Raster/Scan/Fill mode, not Line.

Others have mentioned an ‘idle speed’ setting, which seems like the setting I need to adjust, but I don’t have it on that page, and cannot find it anywhere else. Is it done from within Lightburn, or somewhere else?

Update: I was able to solve this on my own by dismounting the SD card from the control board and accessing it by computer. The controller config file is on there, and I was able to change parameters, re-save, and reinstall on the control board, which now obeys the newly reduced speed limits. There was some degree of guesswork on which parameters to change. A lot of them have very similar and seemingly redundant names.

Hi Thomas, sorry I didn’t get here sooner.

Was going to suggest editing the config. Glad you got it worked out!

One last addition in case anyone else runs across this thread while experiencing the same problem: it was not so much the top speed, but the acceleration setting that really helped. I ended up using a top speed setting of 5000 and acceleration of 600. Movement is nice and smooth now, not jerky at all.

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