How to install Chinese rotary

I have a 40w Chinese 4030 laser. I am installing the 3D Cohesion laserboard and I have a question about how to install a Chinese rotary device. The rotary has 4 cables.
My question is, do I just have to plug it into the A motor port on LaserBoard?
Does anyone have this same rotary and know the configuration parameters? Thank you.
I attach photos of everything.

Hi Jesus,

Thank you for providing the photos. Yes, that is where you plug the rotary in.

Do you have a product page or specs for that rotary model or can you get them from the merchant? You’ll need to know the step angle on the stepper motor to do some calculations.

Start with the settings covered in our Rotary Setup Guide and tweak based on your rotary features.

Hi Starla,
Thanks for your reply. I don’t know the step angle, so I’ll do some test. Thanks!

I have the same roller. Were you able to solve the problem? It doesn’t work well for me, it does very strange things.

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Did this get resolved? I have the same roller, would be good to see some steps to get this up and running.