How should I set my configuration to drive this stepper motor (as a z-axis controller)?

Machine: K40 (the common one, sorry, forget name)

Board: C3D Mini

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question:

I have a stepper motor I’d like for a z-axis setup. It is the highlighted one in the attached image:

What settings should I use in the config file to properly control this motor?

Can I drive it (2.3A) using this board, or do I have to use an external deal to power and run it? If so, here’s what I have available to use and the shot on the board (and yes, it’ll be getting connected to my Y axis)… I also have the External Stepper Driver Adapter for Cohesion3D Mini.

Any advice in wiring it would be appreciated as the last one I replaced drove me nuts. :confused:

Thank you, in advance!


External stepper driver would be the way for a motor that large and powerful.

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