Homing with issues

Machine: Black&Red chinesse laser 900/600

Board: Cohesion 3d laserboard

Firmware: _Smoothieware,
Problem/ Question: Hello
Today I started the machine but the gantry was hitting the machine and didn’t stop until I kill the power.I have the fotek PL-05N2 photo senzor on x and y axis,everything was working pretty normal until today.I thought the sensors were not working so i replaced them with new ones but with same results.I replace them with mechanichal endstops(3 wires-NC,NO and common),with no luck,I took the endstop from my 3d printer(2 wires) also no luck.I remembered that the photo sensors were connected to the power suply(5v)so i did the same thing but same results.In lightburn I get "Homing fail"alarm an “Caution unlocked”.On the photo sensor I have 3 wires:+V,0V and OUT,I connected +V wires to 5v pover source and 0V and OUT at SIGNAL pin and GRD pin on Xmin,Ymax plugs .I worked all day and now I’m starting to think that is something wrong with the board.
Did somebody had the same issue?
I’m pretty much out of ideas.
Thank you.
PS.I’m thinking about uncheck “autohome at startup”

I have had multiple people report that they had machines with such sensors and having the issue of the board not recognizing them all in the last few weeks. I am working on understanding this setup now and hoping to have a resolution soon. It also does not help that every single person has them wired up differently :cry:

Please provide pictures of your board, machine, wiring, and those sensors so that I can see how everything is on your machine.

What board was stock in that machine?

I had the nano2 board from factory with the optic sensors,I replaced the nano 2 board with Cohesion 3d laserboard,I kept the optical sensors in place ,the brown wires from the sensors were connected together to the 5 volts exit on the power supply, I connected the blue wires on the GRD pin and the black wires to the signal pins on X min and Y max endstops plugs.From time to time the sensors were not working and I had to turn the power supply off and on in order to bring the machine back home but a few days ago they stopped working and could’n do nothing to bring them to life.I tried 2 new ones and 2 mechanical endstops like the ones on your site.Nothing seems to work,I have no idea what is happening.I also used M119 command on the console but the results were always 0 no matter if the sensor has something in front of him or if the mechanical endstops were pressed or released,.

Interesting. Please show pictures of how your board is wired and enough details around so that I can see what is going to what in the machine.

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