Homing sequence

Machine:Basic short K40

Board: Old version C3d
Firmware: _Smoothie
Problem/ Question: _ Homing sequence & location.
First is when homing. X & Y start homing at the same time. Depending on where the carriage is at start, if Y is closer to home than X, homing is normal, homes Y and X continues until limit switch makes and correct home is established,
BUT, if X is closer to home than Y, when X hits limit switch, homing stops and incorrect home happens. If I jog to set Y closer (to home) than X can hit the home button and it homes as it should.

There are some settings for homing in the config.txt file. They should look something like this:

# optional order in which axis will home, default is they all home at the same time,
# if this is set it will force each axis to home one at a time in the specified order
#homing_order                                 XYZ              # x axis followed by y then z last

If your file looks like this, with a # in front of homing_order it will attempt to home all axes at the same time (which is the default behavior.) If you uncomment the line by removing the # so the line starts with homing_order it should home one axis at a time, in the order specified by the XYZ on that line. You can change the order to YXZ to see if that helps.

That is an easy enough fix for that situation. I’ll just set to home Y first, then X & Z and I should be good to go. Now I have to find a new micro SD card and the files that belong on it. I managed to break the one that came with the C3d - YIPES!

Just one more step to go, got the home sequence taken care of (Thanks). Got the new Micro SD card and loaded Config & BIN on it (with correct homing sequence) The last thing to do is the changes to activate the rotary,
Not quite done yet.

Depending on your setup, you may need to follow this:

I forget if you are using the external drivers or trying to use the green module type as he is in this post:

I do have the external drivers. I did have to use the Z for the rotary, could not get A to work. All in all I still need to recalibrate the camera, but so far everyting else seems to work, WHEW!

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