Homing issues

k40 will not home in x axis .it will sometimes when it feels like it most of the time it will just move up in y and then just make the homing move in x where ever it happens to be at the time and stays there no matter where it is from home

First, go through this guide:

If this doesn’t get you where you need to be, then continue on with the M119 test here:

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the end stop for x is 1 at all times y end stop will change from 1 to 0 when not pressed x has been sporadic works some times and most of the time not

Ah, that’s your problem then - if the endstops aren’t working properly then the machine will think it’s already on the endstop (as it is in your case) or never reach the endstop (as would be the case if it hits the endstop and tries to keep going, chewing up the belts and making a general racket)

So, debug your endstop wiring or replace the switch/sensor as necessary - once that’s fixed your machine should home as normal.


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