Homing issues k40

My k40 has a cohesion 3d using lightburn. It’s always worked perfect. Today I decided I was going to
Adjust my mirror and I moved the gantry like an inch so I could get my fingers in to
Adjust the mirror screws. Now it will not home. When I hit home it just goes straight up and stops. Sometimes it will go to the upper left hand corner but doesn’t engage the X switch (mechanical switches) if I hit the home button repeatedly it moves to the right a little bit with every push. I really need my laser can anyone help with this??? I’ve read a lot of the topics in here and YouTube but nothing that seems quite like I’m experiencing. When I move the pointer around in lightburn the laser isn’t corresponding correctly either. Did I break my laser??

It looks like a homing switch problem, here you can look how to test your homing switches .

Did you move the gantry by hand while the machine was powered up? Or did you move it with lightburn?

It was on so I could test fire the laser.

It worked perfectly moved the gantry to adjust the mirror when I was finished I hit home hasn’t worked since I moved it. My switches are mechanical I seen a lot of talk about bad switches can cause this but it worked right before and soon as I moved the gantry it quit homing properly not sure if that can cause it. I don’t know anything about code but I looked up how to run the one you suggested. Because I’m new here I can’t upload the pictures

Any thoughts how to I uninstall and reinstall the cohesion board? Or reset it. This is driving me nuts I can’t seem to fix it?

have you tried to use M119 in the console of lightburn, and see what the homing switch status is?

If you check the status of all the switches pressed en depressed, if the switches are allright you can cross them off the list.

Did you push the laser by hand or did you move it with the controls in lightburn?

I once heard that if your gantry by hand when the machine is powered up, you can feed to much power/current back to the stepperdrivers and damage them.

i have had same issue its the optical home switch either you have the 6 pin cable loose or damaged try reseating it .the switch is sending a signal to the board sensing its at home could also be something in the sense that just needs cleaned

if that doesnt work i have optical sensors for replacement

I’m continuity tested the switches and they work I don’t see any breaks in the lines the M119 I’ll post a pic. It has to be a short in the board I’d guess

I’d upload pics but you know new users can’t so ……