Homing Issue

Machine: K40
Board: Cohesion 3d
Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I haven’t run my laser in a long time and today I went to start things up and the board doesn’t home to the left rear anymore. Its like it is 180 deg off, The last time it was a setting change in Lightburn I believe, but at my age I can.t remember what it was. Can anyone help me?

It’s trying to home to the right rear, then? What’s it (not) doing, exactly?

At the moment it is homing in the middle rear

that’s … odd. Can you provide a video of the power-on home sequence? Shut the laser off, move the carriage by hand somewhere else, then turn the laser on and film the motors moving the gantry and shuttle to where it thinks home is.

Also, the obligatory, “post pictures of the machine, wiring, and connections” will help get started troubleshooting.

I suspect you have a flaky limit switch, but this will be hard to confirm without seeing what’s going on.

I will try to get that tomorrow, haven’t had a chance to work on it today. Thanks

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