Homing Issue, homing in wrong direction

Machine: K40 variant (TS4040) with M2 Nano board

Board: Cohesion3D Laser board (purchased in October 2019)

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question:

when pressing the home button, it moves to the right/bottom. moves about 10mm, then stops
G28.2 also does the same thing.
Home position is top left corner

when the M2 Nano board was installed, the red lights would light up on the proximity endstops, they no longer light up with the cohesion board installed.


Bonjour,même problème ,mes voyants ne s’allume plus avec cohésion installé @ +++ pour vous lire Merci

It appears you have the same end stops as Serge that require 6-36 volts. I do believe the laser board only outputs 5 volts for the endstops. You have two choices here, you can try to find the same style online that can use 5 volts or switch to mechanical endstops from C3D.

I personally would use the ones from C3D as they are known to work with the laserboard, you would just need to figure out how too mount them.

They may have done something weird here.

Before anyone does anything, please check the following for me (hopefully you have a multimeter and can do a voltage measurement):

Plug the large power plug into the M2Nano, and give it power. The endstop connector on the right edge by itself there:
Set multimeter for voltage measurement mode. Mine has range like 2, 20, 200 volts maximum. 200 is a good value to use here.

Carefully place the red probe on the pin labeled NC on one end, and the black probe on the Gnd pin on the opposite end. Power the M2Nano board. I am curious what voltage, if any, exists.

Also, please trace the cables from the blue homing sensors until they break out and see where all those wires are going, are they all to this white cable that goes to the M2Nano, or do other go elsewhere? Pics please.

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