Home X before Y

I’d like to setup my machine to home the X before Y to avoid hitting the vent in the k40 until j can take it out, and I’ve found the line in the config.txt file, but since it requires 3 characters (XYZ in any order), will not having a z axis hang up the home process?

Your easiest fix here is to just trim your exhaust vent. To remove mine it was the screws from the back of the machine attaching the vent and I had to take out the 4 bolts holding the gantry frame down to slip it out.

You will have to realign the mirrors after doing this but since you will eventually have to do it, might as well spend your time there rather than trying to figure out how to home it differently

For now, before you power up the board, you can just manually position the laser head close to the homing stops and then power up

Figured out a solution. I set the Z endstop to be NC, so it’s kind of always activated

I think the “homing in order” line in the config you are referring to should work fine. I believe LightBurn’s homing command is just to home XY anyways. It is possible to disable Z homing by setting those pins to nc in the config file, if that is what your last message refers to.

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