Hit start and it goes to top right and crashes

Machine: _MLE 40

Board: cohesion 3d board

Operating System: windows 11 pro

Firmware: Smoothy

Problem/ Question: I feel I have solved the wrong direction problem. X and Y goes in proper direction and going home does fine and smooth. BUT If I draw a box with lightburn when I hit start it goes to the right and crashes into the right rail and vibrates like it wants to go through it. Right away I turn it off. The bed is set right in setup and settings. I have tried the original sd card and did a custom one with the info settings of a larger bed. Another thing not sure if it is important is while moving manually and I hit the Z button on lightburn the moving freezes and I have to reset the machine to get the move function to move. All limit switches are N.C. and working as should. I didn’t think this would be rocket science to do!!

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