Hissing sound

just set up c3d on a k40 laser and working on windows 10 ok

lightburn not completely set up (my bed size ect) yet, but enough to test its working on the x y ect
i have noticed when connecting that the whole machine is hissing, cant tell where or what is causing it,but i didn’t notice it when using the stock nano board. it seems its coming from the tube area , but the main laser is switched and not able to fire up the laser

when i say hissing i dont mean the laser firing, i mean before the machine is turned on fully
i.e with just the cohesion board hooked up to mains via the 24v brick and then plug into my pc via usb? the weird thing is, if i just turn it on without plugging usb into laptop ,its quiet ??
the minute i plug it in and fire up lightburn it really hisses,
is this normal can sombody who has a k40 check if theirs do it, as i am worried it may cause damage.

Not sure if this will help but that sounds like motor noise. I just ran across this while fishing for answer on something else. Maybe it can answer some things. Hopefully the Men behind the curtain will be along soon.

Yes, that article in the documentation explains everything, thank you Ernest.

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