Hi from Scotland need help

Machine: Chinese co2 60w laser engraver cutter

Board: The machine currently has the nano m2

Firmware: “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with” is also a great answer!_

Problem/ Question: I have the new cohesion 3d board to fit in ……… is it just a plug in play or do I have to use the new power supply unit it came with … as the new board came from the USA will it be ok to use in the UK

Use the 24v DC power supply it came with. You may have to use an adapter but use it and power the board up separately from the laser.

Hi I have installed the board and changed over the plugs from the nano m2 I have plugged in the new power supplied with the cohesion board but haven’t started anything up as yet because I am told I should disconnect the 24 volt supply that was going into the nano board and only have the new power supply connected to the cohesion board … ( Confused I am )
Should I remove this wire or leave it connected

Does yours have the ribbon cables or is it the one with the 4 blue wires on a plug?

Neither it has four wires going to it all different colours … The 24 volt original supply wire going to this plug is orange … For safety reason I have disconnected it and started the machine up and started up light burn all looked great it found the board etc. Inside the machine I have one red light green lights and flashing green lights … But when the home button is pressed it goes to the top right hand corner … If I try to jog the laser head to the right it goes to the left if I try going the left it goes right if I go up it goes down if I try to take it down it goes up … My work area is 600 x 400 it does all sorts of crazy thing if I try to move it area in the work space.

This is the machine above picture is the nano m2 original controller and how its wired up as you can see the main electrical feed wires are not blue but four different colours

The C3D is (and is advertised as such) a drop in for the smaller K40 Laser Cutter. You have a larger machine, so while the wiring should still be a dead simple swap if you follow our regular K40 instructions, you will have to change some settings on the board’s memory card to suit your laser.

These things include but may not be limited to:

  • The motor currents: you can set these to the max of 1.2 amps.
  • The max speeds and accelerations - you should lower these.
  • The bed size for X and Y.
  • Possibly the homing directions - we are expecting the homing switches to be on the left and in the rear. Are yours elsewhere?

This should get you started. We have some articles in #faq such as the one that will show you how to change the bed size and you can learn how to access and modify the config file from there.

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