Hi bin neu hier habe seid Heute das cohesion Board bekommen. Ich habe folgendes Problem ein Motor brummt ich denke das ist die Y achse kann mir jemand Helfen. Achso mein Lasercutter ist k40. Danke im vorraus

Machine: replace this text with what machine you have and what controller it came with

Board: replace this text with what board you have

Firmware: Smoothie or GRBL-LPC? “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with” is also a great answer!

Problem/ Question: Please provide a detailed description, pictures of your machine/ board/ wiring, and a screenshot of the full LightBurn Window as needed.

Hi am new here have got the cohesion board today. I have the following problem with a motor buzzing I think that’s the axis of the can someone help me. Achso my lasercutter is k40. Thanks in advance

Please provide pictures of your board, machine, and wiring. Please also attach a video of the issue happening.

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