Help with wiring this board please moshi board

hi. Can anyone please let me know how to wire the new cohesion board. The pic shows the board already in the machine. I have also purchased the cohesion power supply unit. I am a real dumb ass when it comes to wiring, so please keep that in mind if you reply. Thanks

Can you show photos of the rest of the wiring to the motors and limit switches, plus the power supply? Are you good with wiring?

I hope these pictures are ok. I understand a bit about wiring, but more cars then laser with this it really is baby steps, please. Thanks

Does the laser work normally with the Moshi board or did it quit altogether?

I’m looking over your photos and will try to work something up for you. There are various Moshi designs, two things that should interchange are the ribbon cable and the lone stepper motor cable.

Give me a few, I’ll study it and get back to you.

Assuming you already have the controller unmounted?

Step one, make sure the unit is unplugged to prevent electrical shock.

Step two, disconnect all the cables going to the old controller, but only from the controller, don’t unplug the power supply cables.

Step 3, these two wires need removed and inserted into the LaserBoard. The plug can then just be set aside, you won’t need the two remaining wires. I have them marked in this next photo. These are the G and L wires. You’ll have to cut the ends and skin to attach. Be careful not to skin too much; you’ll need a small flathead screwdriver.

G wire is Ground and goes to screw terminal position 2 from the top, and the “Laser” wire is L and goes to position 4.

Thanks ok connected the two wires, what do I need to do next.

Now you would follow the remaining instructions in our install guide:

Then you would begin to use your laser with the board and software.

Hi, few things that don’t work out, you can see from the pictures I send I don’t have the blue cable block, and my ribbon cable as more then 4 cable runs. So, it still will not work.

You are misunderstanding a number of things that can actually be resolved quite easily

Would you like me to help you to get it work or are you just interested in arguing with me?

By filing a PayPal claim, you’re quite literally threatening my livelihood and ability to put food on my table. It removes all desire I have to help you - if I did, I’d be rewarding your impatience and hostility, and I can’t do that.

You are welcome to review our Terms and Conditions you agreed to when placing your order to our policy on payment disputes and fraudulent charge-backs:

I am not arguing with you at all. I have asked for help and send all the information you have asked for. I have raised the point that your reply’s have only showed how to wire a 1/4 of the board and the information given by you is not enough to get the board wired in. yes I have raised the dispute because I still have a machine that does not work. there is nothing fraudulent in my actions. your web site states that there is support. try giving some.

You have already taken care of the “4 pin blue plug” by putting those 2 wires to the screw terminals as Jamie advised you.

When I said to follow the remaining instructions, I was thinking in particular of this:


Those are the 2 remaining cables in your setup, and this is how you connect them to the new board.

Then you follow the remaining instructions for the SD Card and power brick… K40 with M2Nano Cohesion3D LaserBoard Installation

The remaining two wires should be self explanatory, but he sent you all the information you need to complete your setup. I think you are going overboard holding him hostage on this because people have lives and didn’t get back to you the second you wanted. That is bad form, very bad form.

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