Help with wiring my cohesion board

Hello all

I have a generic 400mm x 600mm laser machine. I cannot not seem to find a good wiring instruction on my particular machine. I believe I currently have an m2nano board. Most instructions I’ve seen had thick laser cables running to the board. I think I only have a laser diode connector and the main power supply connection. I don’t have any other wires coming from the laser power supply. Can anybody help me?

Hope this helps start things rolling.

A pic of the LPSU wiring would help greatly.


This looks very similar to the K40D HT-MASTER board.

See a K40D conversion here in the C3D FB group with the info you need in the comments.

In short, the wires go endstops, x motor, y motor:

The 2 pin red and black wires get cut and plugged into screw terminals like so:

The last plug is not used since the LaserBoard has its own power supply.

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Hello all,

I finished wiring up my board. I tucked away the main power supply and connected the 2 wires coming from the laser power supply to the laser fire and the ground. Now that I feel confident with the wiring I am having trouble connecting the board to my laptop. I have a windows 10 laptop. When I go to device management I can see smoothie but I don’t think the driver is properly connected. L2 and L3 are flashing Uploading: F89652C5-72F4-44D1-97B3-CCBAE8C89E0A.jpeg… Uploading: E0A33CCA-E4E6-41F5-A557-4240828AC71B.jpeg…

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