Help with rewire laserboard with MYG=JG40W to Cloudray HY-DY13

Im upgrading the tube and need some help making sure the new wiring is correct on the power supply

Starting with right side.

On my current one i have k+ and L which connects to switch laser control high and which connect to switch laser control low on the new board…
G on original to the Input control signla 0-5v on new one
IN, and 5V will connect to the blue wire on original and all to the output power 5V.

On the left sie the ac/ac/ L N is pretty easy but the far left on new shows FG in letters and diagram shows ground on the new one. One the old one theres two different sets of wires on left showing FG and signal to neg


cloudraylaser dot com/products/cloudray-100w-110-220v-hy-dy-series-dy13-power-supply-for-reci-w2-w4?variant=45460166088

amazon dot de/Cloudray-Laser-Supply-Engraver-Cutter/dp/B079MHKQXF

New one has a white wire in rear I guess thats for ground? There was no instructions or diagram that shipped with the new one so going off what i see online on the website.

ibb dot co/nR0k8Rk

Thank you.I apologize I cant post photos or more then two links and imgur isnt working right now.