Help with converting Arudino/CNC shield to C3D Mini board

Machine: Modified K40 with Arduino and CNC shield. Build area is roughly 32"x28"

Board: Arduino and CNC shield

Firmware: Currently above with GRBL. Wanting to use the mini with Smoothie cause I have the GLCD

Problem/ Question:

I’m going to go ahead and disconnect everything so I can trace it all, but if anyone would maybe direct me the best way to connect, that would be awesome.

i got the wiring down and got everything working. However, the old board used a 2 motor Y Axis. I know the danger in a dual axis co2 laser.

With my build area being 30"x28", whats best way to setup the y with a single motor?

That depends on your layout, you could do a dual axle stepper, or single with a long shaft to do both pulleys. A few pictures would help give a more concise recommendation.

I personally would do a dual shaft stepper mounted in the center rear.

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Thanks for the replies, is there a guide or a good post to folllow for ideas? Here is my setup

So for a machine like this with your Y setup my suggestion would be go with a setup like Jamie mentioned and do a single Y motor with a dual shaft and run the gantry from one motor. This will be less problematic both from a wiring perspective but also with how the machine runs. You can find lots of examples of this on the laser builder groups in MakerForums as well as the K40 groups on Facebook.

As far as wiring, all we really care about is you connecting your motors to the correct motor ports, endstops to the end stop ports and connecting the laser PSU in a fashion that it will fire which has is all covered in our guides. The standard K40 to C3D Mini wiring is shown in our install guide here:

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve done some research and it seems that a nema23 stepper from center to move both sides is what I’m after? And then use the other motor for the gantry.

Basically y controlled by the nema23 and the x by how it’s alrwady setup

Yes that is what you are after. You can look at some of the commercial XY motion systems for inspiration. They often use a 1:3 gear reduction, but I can confirm that driving it direct from the stepper works well too.

One thing of note is that the standard drivers for the Mini cannot drive a Nema 23 motor by themselves, so you will need to add an external stepper driver.

Instructions on how to wire external drivers to the Mini can be found in this guide:

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