Help wiring a generic 80w lpsu to LaserBoard

Machine: DIY 80w build

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: Smoothie

So I’m doing some of the last wiring needed and moving shortly to the testing phase. My issue is wiring the LPSU to the LaserBoard. I’m using the same type of lpsu as my current red black ruida machine. Here are pictures of the power supply. I also added one more to show how the ruida machine is wired as reference. Some assistance would be appreciated.

In short:

The way it would be done on a machine with the M2Nano style controller is that there would be a pot hooked up to Gnd IN 5v to set the max power.

TL and Gnd would go to the C3D board’s Laser Fire and Laser Gnd connections, respectively.


If you do not want to install a pot, you can bridge IN to 5v on the LPSU.
Heed the following warnings:

  • You no longer have a hard limit. Your board is now able to drive the tube at 100% - do not allow this to happen. You can set max power in the Smoothie config file - 80% is a good one.
  • Your grayscale engraving/ laser power control capability will not be as much resolution without the pot allowing a narrow range to be set for pwm to control. Although grayscale resolution on an 80w isn’t going to be as good as on a 40w anyways.

Ray you are the man. Thank you.