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One of the things we occasionally need are screen shots that can help us figure out what may be going wrong. Cell phone pics of your screen can be hard to view. So here are a couple of quick tips on taking proper screen shots.

There are two ways to do so.
First will capture your whole screen.
Have what you want captured in view, then press your printscreen button on your keyboard (usually near the delete key).
Then open up paint, and hit Ctrl-V. This will past the screen cap on screen. Next save the file as a jpg somewhere it is easy to find. here is an example of a full screenshot.

Next is similar but will only capture the window that is in focus on your screen.
For that you capture with, Ctrl-Alt-printscreen.
All other steps are same as above.
Here is an example.

Small note. Some keyboards lable the print screen button in different ways, on mine it is PrtSc,


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