Help needed with my rotary settings

It’s all very exciting adding to the K40, but it doesn’t come without it’s difficulties.
I couldn’t wait for the rotary to arrive in stock (I’m sorry) so I built my own, but that’s as far as my abilities to understanding what I needed to do.
I hook it up to the A axis port on the board.
Changed some settings in the config file
Changed some settings in Lightburn. And I test.
My problems/results are That my image burns upside down. My horizontal speed is much quicker than my horizontal. (You can see the burning) It’s also engraving vertical (up/down) instead of left/right.
I don’t understand where I need to start know what to change. I’m hoping someone here knows, although I can’t find anything similar online.
A picture I hope shows what I mean.

Hi Arran,

The rotary is in stock as a special order, which can be ordered via our Contact Us form.

We need additional information on the rotary you built. Is it a chuck or roller style? Refer to our Rotary Setup Guide for information on how to calculate the settings. Can you please show some pics of your machine, rotary, and how it is all hooked up to the board?

Can you please provide screenshots (no cell phone pics of screens please) of the entire LightBurn window and any relevant screens including the rotary setup, etc.

What did you change specifically and what values did you use?

What do you have your Device Origin set to in LightBurn? If you have the origin set wrong, that could also cause the prior movement issues you reported. You may also need to rotate the rotary 180° in the work area, but show us a picture of how it is positioned, please.