Help identifying unknown laser

I work for a large company that sells sign making equipment. We used to sell lasers but have recently stepped away from them. This was sent to us to demo and see if we wanted to sell them. I know nothing about it other than the m2nano board in it. Can anyone help identify it .

It looks like a generic K40. Dozens or more vendors make them and each can have slight varitaions on how they are built and how they are configured. ie with or without air assist, with or without upgraded mirror holders, with or without a digital display, etc.

It likely has a 35W tube in it even though they say it’s a 40W machine. You will kill the tube quickly if you put > 18ma through the tube for very long. The digital displays suck and many times a setting of over 40% will be driving it at over 100%. Worth ~$300-$400 new.

Looking at it again, it has upgraded mirrors, has air assist and an aiming laser so that is what is often called the K40D model and the value is up around $500. If it has linear bearings on left and right side and a linear bearing on the X axis maybe $550. Working area is generally around 300mmx230mm.

I have a K40 as well. This thing is more than double the size. My guess its more like what they call a red & black. The tube is several inches longer than my K40. I will add more pictures when I get it on the stand and not my shop floor.

looking at it a 3rd time I now notice it has the same cheap X axis extrusion and roller setup as the cheap K40s. THAT is a K40D and if you have no data on it and you have no knowledge of the tube output power(ie no label) then you’ll need to test it.

Are you selling it and that’s why your asking us to figure out what it is or do you want to use it? If you want to use it then both K40 Whisperer and Meerkat software can be used to control that M2Nano controller and you’ll have to experiment with bed size settings.

My place of work gave it to me. I am replacing the M2nano board with a C3d laserboard (should be here today). I plan on getting rid of my K40.

BTW, if that is a “K50” built like the K40 then I’m pleased to see it on the market. The "K50"s with the Ruida controllers and NEMA 23 motors always seemed like overkill and when you consider the analog version of the K40 is ~$350, getting a 50W or 60W required a jump to roughly $1500 or more.

If that is a 50 or 60W machine built with K40 components and with a large bed size(500mm x 300mm) then I’m excited to see it.

When I get home I will get more pictures. The bed is somewhere close to 600x900. It came with a spare laser tube, power supply, some sort of power regulator. It has a huge air and water pump. The only thing it didn’t come with is spare motors. I plan on getting the stepper driver and cables along with a camera. The company I work for sells large lasers. I think It was custom made for our company to demo and we decided not to sell them. Its been sitting in our warehouse for a few years. We were just chunking it in the trash so I asked if I could take it.

No doubt a low end “large” K40 would kill profits on any of the machines greater in size than the current K40. I can understand why they would not want to sell such a machine. Great for you though!

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