Help homing

Machine: _k40

Board: I just picked up a c3d board

Firmware: _ “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: _everything works right out of the box, x/y direction, laser fire so on
but when homing the y moves to the endstop like it should but the x moves away from the
endstop about 25mm then stops
can anyone help me with this

I am using lightburn software

thank you

First, please provide pictures of your board, machine, and wiring so that we can try to spot any concerns there

Then, use the M119 command on Smoothie firmware to test the endstops being read, as explained here:

Turn off homing on connect in LightBurn device setup so that you can do this without the board locking up, otherwise send M999 to clear the alarm.

Complete the M119 test properly - this involves sending the command while the head is “in the middle” - not touching any switches, when it is pressing the X switch, and when it is pressing the Y switch.
The result, and feedback that I am looking for, is 3 clearly identified response strings.

  • “Here is the result of M119 when no switches are being depressed”
  • “Here is the result of M119 when the X switch is being depressed”
  • “Here is the result of M119 when the Y switch is being depressed”

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