Help for order

Ok so I am trying to place an order. Around 500$ Canadian. As I am trying, I need to enter my password. But I don’t have an account, and no possible way to register. I have now succeeded in registering to the forum. I am thinking, maybe I can use that same password. But now, my order can not be processed because a shipping method was not entered. And then, it tells me that my adress is wrong. Besides the fact that I live in Canada, I swear to you I know my adress.and it is valid.
Why does it have to be simple when it could be complicated? Sorry guys, I believe that your product is a notch above, but I am strongly considering buying the gerbil card since I just want my k40 to work with Lightburn.
I am not being sarcastic. Please help

Hi Paul,

Your account will be created as part of the checkout process on our website-store.

Ok all solved. My order finally worked this morning. Couldn’t enter it yesterday. Your fast response is a good sign I have made the right decision! Thanks, and can’t wait to get my material!

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