Help configuring grbl

Machine: custom 950x550mm 50w co2

Board: c3dmini

Firmware: now grbl

Hi there can someone help me configuring steps per and speeds on grbl?

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

With Grbl, you configure this stuff online and it’s stored in the board’s EEPROM.

In the Lightburn G-Code console you can configure the machine.

Send the $$ command to have it print the configuration to the screen.

The interesting ones here are:

$100 through $102 are X, Y and Z steps per millimeter.

$110 through $112 are the maximum rates for X, Y, and Z in millimeters per minute.

$120 through $122 are the acceleration rates for X, Y, and Z in millimeters per square second.

To change a value, send e.g. $100=314.961 to configure the machine to use 314.961 steps per mm in the X axis. The values are stored upon setting them.

Hi thanks, ive figured out already after some search.
It turns out that grbl does the same shifting as smoothie.
A bit better but not acceptable.
I used line scan offset feature and got a decent engraving with almost no shifting.
Still dont know why do i have to use this scanning offset to get my machine doing its job.

If i remember right you’re using external stepper drivers, right? What model are they?

Currently using dm542
Ive tried tb6600

those are both analog drivers so it’s probably nothing like initial pulse filtering on direction change or something that can be set on the DSP drivers. Yeah, it’s got to be something mechanical at this point, or possibly electrical if your steppers aren’t receiving the right current. Are you using 24V to power your stepper drivers?

Hi thanks for the reply.
Im using 24 and also tried a 48v
If the problem was mechanical i would get same distortion on both fill and line, dont yoy think?
At this point engraving starts to shift and when its over i send a line cut and its fine.
Im totally lost on this dont know what could be the cause…

Also tried currents above the ratings of motor.
And also noticed that when doing an engraving and cut job
I start by the cut to make an outline to center parts, then i go and engrave the parts, when it ends i send the machine home, then i send again the same outline cut and its not aligned.

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