Hello everyone, I'm new here

(Cliff Bryans) #1

Just stopping in to say hello and introduce myself. I’m new to all this laser stuff, but love electronics. I’ve just rescued a very poorly treated 40w laser cutter that is in desperate need of a rebuild. Original owner used it to engrave leather and looks like it has never been cleaned. I have taken some pictures to have before shots. When my permissions allow will start a rescue log in the show and tell section. I look forward to interacting with all the great people here. Have a great weekend.

(Jamie Richards) #2

Welcome! I love seeing before and after projects! I’m working on restoring (and modding) a unit myself that someone used as a parts machine for their K40. I really enjoy restoring stuff like this, especially my unit, it’s the mother of all K40s! At least that’s what I call it. I’ll have a before, during and after post about it.

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