Hbot or other supported kinematics

Is it possible to easily set the kinematics of the Cohesion board to be an H bot without causing issues with the lightburn control software?

Hi Avery, here are some notes about an HBot style setup.

  • Smoothieware supports the kinematics type so it “should work”. Some research may be needed but you can start here:

  • We’ve never tested our Cluster firmware with Hbot. It’s a separate area of the code so we don’t expect any issues, but it’s something to be aware of in your testing.

  • Overall HBot kinematics can be not that fast as a result of physics, so any lack of speed will not be the fault of the board.

  • As for software, LightBurn just sends Gcode to the board, the firmware on the board will control the movement. (Basically it’s all in the firmware.)

  • It’s worth noting that the Emblaser2 runs Smoothieware and is a COREXY style kinematics machine. (And works with LightBurn.)

We’re also really interested in what your machine is, or what you’re building, or hacking together. Got some photos?