Has anyone increased the c beam size of a k40 gantry 400 to 600mm in a simple way

Hello all.
I’ve completely stripped the wiring out of my k40 and moved all power to a remote electrical box, I’ve stripped out the divider wall from the main compartment to the electrical compartment giving one large 600 x 400 box with a small original cutting frame in the left, I’ve received a 600mm 5 mm steel bar the same as the one that is fitted but trying to work out the easiest way to extend the c beam, would a 2040 aluminium extrusion work as a direct swap for the gantry beam already fitted or does anyone know an easier way without spending a fortune as that’s all I’ve done upgrading this k40 so far, the last hurdle is to get the maximum cutting area from the size available
Your help and knowledge would be gratefully appreciated as I don’t seem to be able to get anywhere.

Are you using the original K40 mechanism? I haven’t seen anyone try to make that bigger.

I’ve done this modification https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3401855

Hello David, thank you for taking the time to reply and share that link, I think that is the only way I’m going to get a stable platform, was just hoping that I could swap out the c beam and rod.