Grbl to smoothie

(Dave) #1

Machine: K40 m2 nano


Firmware: GRBL-LPC

Problem/ Question: I was running smoothie when i first set up the board. I decided to try grbl and didnt like it. so i put the sd card with smoothie back in and power up the board. it did not reload. lightburn still recognises it as a grbl board. what am i missing here. i checked the sd card with smoothie on it, the firmware and config file is still there.

(Dave) #2

Figured it out, had to reload firmware.bin onto sd card. after flashing board it changes to firmware.cur

(Jamie Richards) #3

Sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner. Yes, each time you want to update or change to GRBL-LPC or to Smoothie, you have to make sure the file is put on the SD card and is always renamed to firmware.bin.

What about GRBL didn’t you like? Do you cut more than raster?

(Dave) #4

No, actually it was losing steps bad. I assume I will have to adjust accelerations and stuff. But just didn’t have time to mess with it yet.

(Jamie Richards) #6

I understand time limitations. May just need the current bumped up slightly since the motion defaults are usually perfect.

(Dave) #7

I am actually trying it again right now. Trying to raster a grayscale image. I have set max power to 1 percent and min power to 0. It is still burning across a white area of the image at about 5 milliamps. This is on a known good image file that I have etched before. Any ideas?


Pictures that clearly show the issue and videos are substantially more helpful so that we can understand and diagnose your issue.

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