GRBL_LPC on a 500 x 300 machine

I’m trying to run GRBL_LPC on a 500x 300 machine but the bed size is wrong.

Is GRBL_LPC configurable?

More importantly is it possible to configure the equivalent of ‘beta_max’ ? (In Smoothie I adjust the ‘beta_max’ to 300).

Grbl is configured by issuing commands in the terminal. You can see your current configuration by entering $$. Here is a link to the configuration info:

It can also be done in the “Machine Settings” dialog of the latest version of LightBurn.

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Thank you so much! I did it via “Machine Settings” (the mist begins to clear a little)

As a follow up question … is the only difference between the two GRBL_LPC files quiet motors?

Can you rephrase the question in a manner a woman would understand?

Do you mean firmware differences between Smoothie and Grbl-LPC?

Ha! It’s nothing to do with being a man or woman…I’m just not very good at explaining myself!! But I’ll try and rephrase:)

What are the differences between the SpreadCycle and Stealthchop versions of GRBL_LPC apart from silent motors?

With your stealthchop there is slightly less power to the steppers in order to drive them silently. That means slightly lower acceleration as well.