GRBL-LPC firmware

Is there a GRBL-LPC firmware file already set up for lightboard on a K40

There is one already set up for the Laserboard
Check out the link. It’s what Jim Fong has built and used by a few of the new laserboard customers.

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Thank you. I am not trying to be lazy lol but its nice if you can plug and play

That’s what we advertise :slight_smile:
Just trying to get all the new docs under one roof and it’s slow going - new website, new forum, and still working on the new support/ docs site…

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@Cohesion3D , why don’t you switch all support docs to discourse?

That way you don’t have to keep the docs website.
It would be a “one stop shop” for customers and also for admin as well.

Thank you it worked flawlessly for me ;p

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