GRBL-LPC Config Cheat Sheet

Here’s a little cheat sheet I put together for grbl-lpc that has the config values, Invert mask, error codes, and alarm codes.

GRBL-LPC Cheat Sheet


@Jfong said 157.480 is the correct stepping for Grbl. I noticed the smoothie config has 575, but I’m not sure what the exact reason is. Jim?

The pulleys in the k40 are suppose to be Chinese equivalent to MXL 0.08” pitch pulleys. The conversion to steps per mm is follows. I’m not sure who calculated the smoothieware number.

0.08” = 2.032mm

20 tooth pulley = 40.64mm per revolution

(400steps/rev x 16microsteps) / 40.64 =

157.4803 steps per mm

Both numbers will work fine since the mechanical error of the k40 laser belt/pulley system would be greater due to belt tension and other factors.

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Hmmm, I guess I should do a calibration run on the machine. Those settings got me close enough that I never really bothered trying to do a detailed calibration, but It might be interesting.

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