Graphic LCD Control Panel has no data

Just installed the Cohesion 3d Board and not the Graphic LCD Control Panel. The laser is working good but the Graphic display is not working. I figured out I had to put the sim card in the Cohesion board before the laser would work. not documentation said to do that. the display backlight is on but no numbers. it also will beep. but nothing else.

Sorry I am new and can not upload pictures.

I have the X and Y cables attached.Working good
I have the X and Y end stop cables attached. Working good.
I have a Laser Fire and Laser GND from the LPSU attached. Working good.

The Graphic Display back light is on and the screen has a darker area in the middle like it is working but no visible data. Adjusted the contrast but no data.

Other than that the laser is working good in Lightburn.

As a starting point, there should be 2 ribbon cables connecting the screen to the board. It’s hard to tell from the pic, but I think I only see 1.

Yes both cables are there. I have even swapped them out and still nothing. The screen comes up and the rotarty knod beeps when you push it in. but know data for functions.

I also noticed that the sd card has to be in the controller for the k40 or Lightburn to work. I did not see this in the documentation. Just happed to try it and everything started working. Does there need to be an sd card in the display also since it has a slot.

I just noticed that on the [Graphic LCD Control Panel] I am getting back feed voltage on the screen when all power is off and I manually move the gantry. When manually moving the gantry back and forth the GLCD screen lights up.

I know that support on is channel is short some help and doing the best they can, I would like to get my Graphic LCD Panel working. I have had it a couple of weeks… It appears the cables are all connected properly per the documentation but have no data on the screen. Everything else is working great. Any please help would be appreciated.

Yeah it is finally working. I tried ther rest button before and nothing happened. But I just tried it again 2 or 3 time and the display started working. Good. Everthing works not and this cohesion board is so much better than the NaNo boards. Love it and Lightrburn…

Hi…I think many issues on glcds that I see are regularly extraordinary to glcds and don’t happen on hd44780 type interfaces so not certain in the event that it’s a good idea to truly consolidate them all. For instance here are a portion of the more normal mistakes on GLCDs that I see, some exist on hd44780 show yet some wont.

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