Graphic LCD Control Panel enclosure

Machine: K40 nano

Board: Cohesion3D Laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie - Cluster

Problem/ Question: I’m looking for an enclosure for the GLCD, I can’t seem to find a section of the forum that has STLs or models for the printable/cutable mods for this.

Just search Cohesion3D on Thingiverse and you will find both a 3D Printable GLCD cover that non-destructively goes over the K40 electronics lid, and plenty of other laser-cuttable panel upgrades that each have different sets of things that go in them.

I did search thingiverse, but didn’t find an enclosure just for the display. I found one that also included another digital display/meter, but didn’t explain what the extra display was for, or where to get it and how to wire it.

I was looking for a display only case, but I might just have to design one.

Here is one that holds the display and an ammeter.

If you check the comments here:

Chris says that this is the generic display mount he uses:

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