GLDC Still not working

HAve a Black and White K40 from Redsail. M2 nano
The M2 Nano board finally quit working and I purchased the Cohesion 3D board with the GLCD screen.
The screen is on and darker screen in the center but no Data (Blank Screen). Install and posted a problem covid and could not get any help since they were short handed… It started working the other day for about a week but since quit again. I would really like some help getting it working.

I only have the Laser fire and Laser Ground wired. The limit switches. the the x and y motors.

Installed per all the documentation. Checked and rechecked. still not data or interface.
Pics included.

Need some suggestions. Never worked but about a week since it was brand new.

Have you tried wiggling the cables as you watch the GLCD? Maybe a loose pin.

I have plugged and replugged, twisted, swapped them many times.I would like to figure it out.
Any way to check the pin connection. I have even unplugged EXP1 on the GLCD and the screen would go off. When I unplugged the EXP2 nothing happens. I am wondering if the data for the display is fed frombot cables or just the EXP2. Just a thought.

They have not worked much since they were new last July. I rellay should have tried replacing them sooner but Cohesion was understaffed at that time and simply didnt help much so I just let the Display sit.

Wonder if the Cohesion support is available! I am sure this item probably does not have a 1 year warranty

Good luck getting any support. Couple things, 1. there is a very specific way the connectors have to be oriented on both ends (at the board and the display). 2. The only way I could get mine to work was by completely insulating the cables with some aluminum tape and then wrapping them in some plastic cable wrap.
Oddly enough this display is highly suspectable to interference from all the high voltage stuff in the compartment.

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