GLCD missing horizontal line


I installed my GLCD and there is a horizontal scan line missing From the center of the display. It functions as intended. Any thoughts by anyone?

Can you show a picture of what it’s doing?

I’m having a hard time pasting an image from my iPhone to the forum. Am I missing something simple?

Upload button in the bottom right.

Looks like one or more of the internal contacts between the LCD controller and the LCD itself may be loose or disconnected.

If you press lightly on the LCD’s metal bezel do the lines spring to life?

Yes, now any way to fix it please?

We can replace this for you. Have you been able to install/ everything else you ordered and is all that working ok?

Everything else is working fantastic.

If there is a way I can try to repair it, I am good with that, otherwise how would I go about returning?

No need to return it, I’ll just send you a new one. If you can wait until after the holidays though, that would be great. I’m currently low on several items, and waiting for the next batch to ship out.

Yes, no problem. Thank you Ray!


Replacement screen shipped today and you should have tracking info in email. Thanks!