GLCD drawing

(Dave) #1

Is there somewhere, a drawing of this part showing hole sizes and locations for mounting behind a front panel?

(Starla Fox) #2

Hi Dave,

There are some variations of control panel mods on Thingiverse:

(Dave) #3

I would prefer to work from an original dimensioned drawing rather than someone else’s interpretation of unknown data. I did go through the list and while most are SVG files, I found one with a DXF that I can hopefully pull dims out of but I have no idea how accurate that DXF is.

Ok, I pulled it up in Freecad, and FC tells me that the horizontal distance between the display mount holes is 3.47mm… That panel must be REALLY tiny. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Starla Fox) #5

Perhaps you are experiencing some scaling issue when importing the DXF file, because it’s definitely not that tiny. :wink:

I have provided measurements for the one I bought from C3D, measured with digital calipers:

The entire board is 92.3mm L x 86.05mm W x 18mm D (24.2mm including adapter connectors).
The screen dimensions are approximately 78.25mm L x 51.15mm and 05.05mm from the backlight to the surface.
For the mount holes, the horizontal distance between centers is approximately 88mm and vertical is 65mm.

The encoder knob is approximately 15.25mm below the bottom of the LCD screen case.

Mounting holes: 3mm dia
Encoder knob base: 7mm dia

Below is a dimensioned drawing from another source online for the same type of GLCD, for comparison:

(Dave) #6

I found the original design files, which show as above, but the GLCD I have is a later version with a small pot on the left side. Now that I have it, I can just measure, but I would have been happy to load the altium files and create a dimensioned drawing.

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