GLCD Custom Programming


I was wondering if there was any documentation on custom configuring the GLCD, I.e moving the menu orders, adding a gcode routine assigned to a specific menu position, etc…?

You can add specific gCodes as custom menu entries via the config file:

Past that, Smoothieware is open source, and you may enjoy fiddling with the code to your heart’s content.

So where exactly can I find the code that is already operating to give the current menu choices for the glcd?

It would be very beneficial to see how the whole existing menu was built to help me understand how to move things around and put my most used commands on the first page. Sorry for my naivety here but I have not had much programming experience in this area. I mostly have experience in factory automation programming such as PLCs along with a little bit of quick basic a long time ago. I need a good example just so I can figure out the syntax of how everything works.

Also thank you Ray for all your work on the C3 board. It is a great product and very well thought out.

Smoothieware code is located here:

Our changes to it for the cluster firmware are located here:

The panel section of the source code may be a good starting point:

I didn’t write any of the code and so don’t think that I know anything more that would be of help.

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