Gas Struts on a K40 lid

Has anyone installed gas struts on their lid to keep the lighburn camera aligned? If so, which ones did you choose and where did you purchase them? Can you show some pictures of the final installation? Thanks!

On my K40 (I no longer own it), I used a sturdy angle bracket with neodymium magnets to keep the lid at 90 degrees. The bracket sat behind the lid, in the center. I used some VHB tape to keep it in place so I didn’t have to use screws. Not the most elegant solution, but it worked well.

I ended up doing just one strut on the right side that I ordered from Amazon. Sydien 40N/8lb Gas Struts/Spring Lid Stay Cabinet Door Lift Pneumatic Support Pack of 2 - -

Can you post a picture of your installation for me?

I 3d printed a stop as well with neodymium magnets. If I can’t figure out a strut, I’m gonna use it! Thanks!!

Haven’t mounted with screws yet but these hinge type braces are about $3.00 at the local hardware store. So far with neodymium magnets they hold great. Will put on on both sides and they fold down nicely.

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Thank you very much!


@cjmartin89 that is pretty cool! If my machine was a bit larger, I would do that. Unfortunately, I have maxed my cutting bed and am pushing the limits on side clearance!

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I started with 90 degrees but noticed if I move the lid forward about 10 degrees the camera is centered above the bed and not so much skew adjustment is needed. Also, my bed goes back a little past 90 so I had forward and backward wobble. tilting it forward and bracing on a strut allows the weight of the lid to hold it tight.