Gantry Homing

Machine K40 Co2 with standard M2 board

Board: replaced standard board with Cohesion board

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: the gantry does not home with the new Cohesion board when the unit is turned on but works fine with the original M2 board that came whit the machine

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

New user not allowed to upload pictures???

Hi. In LightBurn, Devices / edit (go next> until…, enable Auto “home” your laser on startup.
(Cohesion board does not home by it self when turned on if LB is not running, as far as I know that’s normal)

Thank you for your answer.
the enable Auto home was set to green at the initial setup.
The laser did home the first time i turned the unit on after the setup and the direction arrows in LightBurn also worked but no longer function. I can easily move the x, y position by hand with the machine power on or off.

oh, let me check settings I have in the config…
btw, since you’ll have to power on/off the board every time you remove the SD card, get a power strip (or surge protector better yet) with on/off button so you don’t have pull off the plug every time… be back.

just realized, since you can move it by hand easy, and does not responds to the command, most likely is not receiving signal from the pc at all. you may have to look for some troubleshoots related that, sorry i’m not an expert, so i’ll try to help as far as i can.
in the meat time, try using another usb cable, new if possible.
the board by itself does not locks the steppers when turned on, they lock when receive the signal from LightBurn.

ok, honestly I wouldn’t be able to tell what to change safely, i uploaded my config in a shared link, so you can give it a check and see what may be useful. I also use a K40 and always go on the safe side when changing values, most settings may suite your machine.

(just in case your issue is in the config settings)

thank you Juan
no change in operation with new usb cable
will look at the config files tomorrow

i wonder, were you using K40 whisper with the original board?
in windows you have to replace the drivers to be able to use K40whisper, but reinstall the originals if using LightBurn. Whisperer’s webpage have a tutorial on that. I use linux but the first time i used the C3D board was on a windows pc and had to make that kind of changes.

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Thank you Juan
Problem solved, thank you so much Juan, you rock.

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You’re welcome.
I’m glad you solved it.
What was it? Let me know how you fixed it, in case i hit in to the same problem. XD
Take care.

Actually you solved the problem Juan.
The last time I used the laser was with a MacBook and this time was with a Windows computer.
I just reinstalled the drivers like you mentioned in your last post and everything works fine.
A big thank you to you Juan.

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:astonished: :smile:
oh, awesome!
Thanks, I’m glad I was able to help.

Adding this one to my toolbook. I did not know that about K40Whisperer.

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