G code power or "S" parameters

K40 with Nano

Cohesion3D LaserBoard Power Supply (included):

Firmware: _Smoothie

Having a power control problem, Using a test macro specifying S1.0 as 100% and incrementing down to So.1 works.
Using Lightburn, the gcode specifies S1000 full power and S850 for 85%, etc and does not seem to work.
What are the exact Cohesion S command parameters and/or does it take either?

Are you sure you have selected a Smoothieware device in Devices?

The S range should be getting outputted from LightBurn as decimals from 0 to 1.

S range of 1000 makes me think you have selected a GRBL device.

Yes, Smoothie is the selected device.

Yes, I realized after responding that you also posted this on the LightBurn forum. You should wait for Oz to respond. He’s currently without electricity due to the hurricane so it’ll be a bit.

Only advice I have for you is to nuke everything and start from scratch:

  1. File → Open Prefs Folder
  2. Close LB
  3. Delete your prefs.ini file
  4. Open LB and set everything up again, closely following our documentation.

Thank you. Deleted prefs.ini and reselected Smoothieware, Works great

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