Functionality when only partially connected for testing

Machine: Full Spectrum 5 Gen Hobby / Custom Homebuilt Replacement (WIP)

Board: Stock / LaserBoard

Firmware: Stock / “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: I’m working on the initial build and testing for my custom machine. I want to test in stages as I go. For example, check just the Y stepper and its wiring without any other connections like X stepper, end stops, laser, etc. Can I power the board and do this without damaging the board? Are there any minimum required connections for these low level tests?

As long as nothing is shorted, you can test individual components, but you’ll have to either connect the limit switches/jump signal and ground or edit the configuration to turn them off when checking the motors. Quicker and easier to just jump sig & gnd if you have a connector to do so.

Pretty much what Jamie said, but let me clarify it a bit:

There is a setting when you set up the device in LightBurn to home on startup. If you have that enabled and don’t have limit switches hooked up, the board will lock as a safety precaution. So have that disabled. Then you can connect motors, endstops, the LPSU, and all your other peripherals and test them.

I recommend going step by step. Don’t modify any wiring with the board powered. And if you were to use the power brick to power the board with nothing else connected to the board, that should be just fine.


I haven’t got LightBurn up and running yet. I was just going to connect the panel and jog the gantry to test the steppers.

That said, I have manage to mislay the SD card that came with the board. Is the image available in a convenient location for me to download and copy to an SD card of my own? Are there any limitations on the SD card that can be used?

– EDIT –
Found the missing card. Thought it got tossed out in a cleaning frenzy but it was hiding in the corner of a box.

Looks like you found your missing SD card, but in case you loose it again or need to start clean here are the files you needed.

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